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About Christine

Christine started Mama Moon Boutique in 2013. She was a stay-at-home mom looking to earn some extra money to pay for life's "extras," like vacations and braces. Christine turned to ecommerce, at first selling through Ebay, and then moving onto Amazon. She started two brands (Smart Sheep Laundry Co. & Inspiration Play), and grew the business from a part-time job to a full-time venture. She continues to work from home. Christine's husband, John, quit his career in environmental engineering in 2018, to join her in running the business as well as help shuffle the kids around town. Christine has a B.A. in Marketing Communications and graduated Cum Laude in 2002. She has six children and lives in the Salt Lake, Utah area. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling to new places.
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